Monday, January 5, 2009

WUDC Champions

The champions of the 29th WUDC hosted by the UCC Philosoph and UCC Law Society, have been crowned. They are Oxford A, who won from first opp in the final, on a 5/4 split decision.

ESL Final Results

The 2009 ESL champions are BBU A.

EFL Final Results

The 2009 EFL Champions are Villinus A.

Top Speakers at Cork Worlds

The top EFL speaker is Aiste Dumbryte - Villinus A

The top ESL speaker is Leela Koenig - Leiden A

The top overall speaker is Naomi Oreb - Sydney

Winners of Comedy, Masters and Public Speaking.

The winner of the Cork Worlds comedy competition is:

Willard Foxton

The winners of the Cork Worlds Masters competition are:

Team: Ireland (Ross McGuire & Greg ONeill)

Individual: Barry Glynn (Ireland)

The winner of the Cork Worlds public speaking competition is:

Patrick Bateman (Sydney)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

WUDC Final

The motion is; This house would ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy.

The teams are;

1st Gov - Monash B
2nd Gov - Harvard A

1st Opp - Oxford A
2nd Opp - Oxford C

EFL Final

The motion for the EFL final is;'This house would prohibit all private health care.'

Leiden A
Bonapart B